Some Exciting Updates! (Plus What I’ve Been Up to This Summer)

Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted, how busy I’ve been since then, or how much I have missed writing. I am making it known now that I have decided to make a conscious effort to post to my blog FAR more often than I have been previously, and my goal is to write new content at least three times a week. So far, the plan will be to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but that may change depending on how things pick up in the Fall.

The central point of today’s post, however, is not to apologize or make excuses. No. Today, I wanted to make an extremely exciting announcement. After years of working towards my teaching degree, hours upon hours of updating my resume and revising my cover letter, months of volunteering (with one of the sweetest group of Grade 4s I’ve ever met, and the teacher who changed my life in ways I’ll never be able to effectively express), and countless times hitting the “refresh” button on my email account, it happened. I WAS ADDED TO MY LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD’S SUPPLY TEACHING LIST!!!

It happened precisely on February 7th, 2017, and while the story of how I received the news is far from the ideal, picturesque version of the story I had always dreamed up in my head, I’m going to share it anyways. Why? To demonstrate that the cliche which says that great things happen when you least expect them IS in fact true. Also, because the students that I work with always find this story amusing, so I figured my readers (however few or many there are of you out there) might as well. On this afternoon in February, I had the day to myself, on account of an unforeseen bus cancellation that had caused the roads to become too dangerous, and caused my plans of volunteering that day to become changed. This day was relatively lazy and uneventful to start, but I eventually decided to do something active and good for me, and began a series of workout videos on Youtube. If I’m remembering correctly, I had decided to complete some Blogilates/POP Pilates abs videos, and was quite sweaty by the time my parents arrived home early from work (again due to the weather). After saying hello to them, hearing about their days, and getting some more water, my mom headed upstairs to complete some quick paperwork, and I followed to (reluctantly) finish my workout for the day.

Instead of just an incomplete video however, something else was waiting for me when I returned to my laptop: an email notification from the school board from whom I had been waiting to hear about the status of my professional prospects. I audibly gasped, trying to calm my now rapid breathing and heartbeat, and opened the message with shaking hands. After seeing the first line of the email, my entire composure went out  the window. I broke down in the happiest, most elated form of tears, and proceeded to burst into my parents’ room in the middle of a full-on “ugly cry.” My mom eventually joined me in this celebration once I told her what had happened, I received my formal training at the end of the month, and officially began my time as a supply teacher this past March.

The first four months of my teaching career have been absolutely wonderful and life-changing. I have met so many amazing students and so many great teachers, built valuable professional connections, completed another AQ course (Primary/Junior Math, Part 1), and have officially been added to the Preferred supply list of a local public school. To say I am excited and grateful about how things have turned out would be a massive understatement. I consider myself so blessed to be in a profession that provides me with so much fulfillment and joy, and I cannot wait to  see the students I’ve grown to know and love in September. According to the Grade 6/7s I’ve run into around town recently, this feeling is mutual, which is definitely nice to hear!

As of late, I have been forming a variety of healthier habits that I am planing to carry with me into the upcoming school year. I’ve recently purchased my first gym membership, and am both eating better and exercising more regularly in an effort to improve my overall physical health. I’m sticking to a (mostly) consistent sleep schedule, and trying to wake up most weekdays before 6:30am, so that the change from summer to workday routines does not come as a massive shock. In addition, I have been tutoring a student from my preferred list school in Math, in an effort to get her feeling prepared and confident for her Grade 6 year. Because we have been meeting weekly at the local public library, I have been reading for fun a LOT more frequently than I was able to during the school year. My library card is getting just as much of a workout as my muscles, and I am very, very happy about this. **More on the books on my Summer Reading List and my favourites so far to come!** Overall, this summer has been a fantastic opportunity for me to reflect, relax, better myself, and look ahead to everything that the 2017-2018 school year has to offer, and I am more than eager to find out.


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